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Friday, January 29, 2010

Giveaway: Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

Remember Me? is the third of Sophie Kinsella's stand alone novels, and just as good as the other two that I have read so far!

Lexi Smart is a twenty-something who has job at a carpet and flooring company along with her three closest friends, is dating Loser Dave, likes to go out, and doesn't drive. She's just a regular girl who isn't perfect, at least until she wakes up in the hospital after a car wreck, remembering nothing of the last three years. Which includes how she managed to become completely fit with perfect teeth and the kind of accessories she might have only dreamed of in the past. Her husband (when did she get married?) also seems to be perfect, as does her new home (OMG it has a remote for EVERYTHING), and she finds out that she is no longer just a clerk in the flooring department but the director. The only problem is, she can't remember how any of it happened!

What follows is the humorous and painful (in more ways than one) story of how Lexi tries to pick up in her life where she left off, only apparently the new Lexi doesn't do anything the way the old Lexi of three years past would have done. She quickly finds out that everything is not as perfect as it appears, but can she trust what she's being told? And how do you keep secrets that you don't remember having?

My favorite two things I think are the marriage manual and the sunflowers, and that's all I'm going to say on that!

I highly recommend this one, in fact I stayed up late to finish it and was even a little teary at the end, but in a good way. I also loved Can You Keep a Secret and Undomestic Goddess. I haven't started the Shopaholic series yet, but I'm sure I'll love it if my feelings on these are any indication! For more information on Sophie Kinsella, please visit her website HERE.

And now for the giveaway! I am ready to pass along my used and bookcrossing labeled copy of Remember Me? to make a new friend! While I would love it if you made a journal entry at Bookcrossing on the book, which you can do anonymously if you decide Bookcrossing is not for you, the book is yours to do with as you wish. To enter, comment on this post and tell me what your favorite flower is. No flower, no entry! I will choose a winner on February 13th!


  1. Hi! Just popping by to say I've posted your contest on Win A Book. Oh, and my favorite flower is a rose.

  2. Thanks for the giveaway.
    My favorite flower is the daffodil.
    mtakala1 AT yahoo DOT com

  3. My favourite flower is the rose.

    Please count me in. Thanks.

    avalonne83 [at] yahoo [dot] it

  4. My favorite flower is a yellow rose. Please enter me.

  5. I like Calla Lilies! There just so simple but look so fancy and elegant. Thanks for the chance to read this book I'm a big fan of Sophie Kinsella.

    unforgetable_dreamer_always (at)

  6. Nice giveaway. This book sounds so heartfelt.

    My favorite flower is a tie between the lilac and the sakura.

  7. Ooo, this has been on my wish list for a while. Would love the chance to read it.

    My favorite flower is the daffodil. I love to see them every spring so bright and cheerful. :0)

    librarygrinch at gmail dot com

  8. Anonymous7:26 PM

    My favorite flower is a stargazer lily.



    My favorite flower is a Gardenia.

  10. My favorite flower is a Lilac


  11. Great giveaway.
    My favourite flower is the orchid.


  12. I like lilies.
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  13. (Don't enter me.)

    Y'know, I've seen Sophie Kinsella around but I've never tried one of her books. I don't know why.

  14. My favorite flower is the Lilac

    retsbar2go AT gmail DOT com

  15. Anonymous11:59 AM

    I haven't read any books by this author but would like to.
    My favorite flower is a pansy. I love their cheerful little faces.
    Kayjay33 at Bookcrossing.

  16. My favourite flower is the tulip.
    You can contact me as abigailann at BookCrossing

  17. You have done a very good job of writing a review that makes this book sound well worth reading. So I would love to read it, too.
    My favourite flower is "forget-me-not", (Myosotis sylvatica var. alpestris. Borage Family), because it is so tiny and so perfect, and because I love the poem that I learnt as a child and still remember:


    When to the flowers
    so beautiful the Father gave a name,
    Back came a little blue-eyed one
    (All timidly it came);
    And standing at its Father's feet
    and gazing in His face,
    It said, in low and trembling tone
    and with a modest grace,
    "Dear God, the name Thou gavest me,
    Alas I have forgot!"
    Kindly the Father looked him down
    and said: "Forget-me-not."

    ~By Emily Bruce Roelofson~

    from Nicole
    My bookcrossing ID is:

  18. I would love to read this book! My fave flower is pink lilies. thanks! jacquecurl1(at)gmail(dot)com

  19. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Thanks for writing a review for the book. I was debating whether to pick the novels of this author.

    My favorite flower is a rose.

    Thanks for a chance to win.


  20. My favorite flower is the yellow rose. Thanks for the giveaway.

    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  21. I love lilacs, not sure if you would call it a flower when it grows on a bush, but I love them anyways.

    Please count me in for this giveaway, the book sounds great.

    alongtheway at telus dot net

  22. My favourite flower is a deep colour red rose.
    I would really like to win this book.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com


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