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Friday, October 17, 2008

Giveaway: Breast Cancer Site Store

As I'm sure everyone knows by now, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Early detection is the key, but even knowing that, I'm bad about doing a self breast exam. I'm young enough that I have not had my first mammogram, but I have known several people who have fought, and survived this cancer. I hope that if I ever am faced with breast cancer, that I have the courage to fight it and do what needs to be done. I'm blessed with insurance to cover the cost of a mammogram, many are not so lucky.

Tonight I decided to post a new giveaway, a gift certificat to the Breast Cancer Site Store for $25. Each item you purchase donates money to the cost of a mammogram for women in need. To read more about what the site has accomplished in the last 6 months, look Here.

The site has many fun t-shirts featuring the pink ribbon and catchy phrases, as well as a ton of other things. Check out the store

You can also help just by clicking the button, it's free, but still contributes to the cause: The Breast Cancer Site

To enter, please post a comment here. I will choose a winner on October 31st, and all I ask is that once you spend your GC (and I don't think anyone will mind if you spend more than the $25!) you come back and let me know what cool stuff you bought! You can get an extra entry by blogging about this contest AND providing the link for people to do the free click. Please give me a link to your post if you do this!

Help give someone the gift of early detection, it could make all the difference.

Also please take a look at the Susan G Komen Website for more information on breast cancer and what you can do to help the cause.


  1. This is a really great giveaway for a very important cause. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous11:39 AM

    This is a wonderful Idea!

  3. Great contest! I had problems deciding what I would want: socks, boots, lunch bag, purses, more purses, maybe another purse or two???!?

  4. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Shaunie, it's great what you're doing! We had here similar action on the main square and one action is ongoing where people (and firms) are donating for buying mobile mammograph for those women who don't live near big cities. During that action on the main square it was possible to make appointments for mammography which was free of charge.
    I'm so glad that awareness is having a huge step among common people. Every day more and more.
    Keep doing good work!

  5. I went for my second mammogram the other week. I only just reached 30 but due to a history of breast cancer in the family I get checked out just in case.

    This is such a great idea that I hope you won't mind me copying the idea on my blog. Afterall it is a good cause!

  6. jezebelsk - honey, I think you've got a purse problem! ;) j/k

    Milan - Thank you, it's so easy to forget how lucky you are when you don't have to worry about things, it's too easy to take them for granted. If a lot of people do a small bit, it adds up!

    Amberkatze - absolutely I do not mind, the whole point is to get the word out, so the more the merrier!

  7. Great contest and, more importantly, a great cause.

  8. Thanks for bringing attention to a cancer that affects young people. Unfortunately, especially when involving the breasts or genitals, young people delay seeking care and then they have bad outcomes. If you notice abnormalities, seek medical attention immediately.


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