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Friday, May 10, 2013

Bout of Books 7.0 Goals and Updates

Bout of Books


Read, whatever I'm in the mood for, and try to relax.  It's okay to change my mind and read something completely different. :)  For now these are my plan, but we'll see how it goes!

Audiobook - finished
Graphic Novel - finished
Kindle Novella - finished

Added After Start:

Audiobook - finished


Monday 5/13
Finished: Never to Sleep - 56 pages
Made Progress On: The Android's Dream - 4:55, 47% done
Comments: Wow Sophie, I didn't you know you had it in you!  Also, John Scalzi has a strangely twisted imagination, and Wil Wheaton gets him! :D

Tuesday 5/14
Finished: nothing today
Made Progress On: The Android's Dream - 9:00 85% done, started Dead Waters and The Exile.
Comments: Scalzi is also a legal babble genius, and Wheaton can actually read that entertainingly, at least I think so!

Wednesday 5/15
Finished: The Android's Dream 10:34:22
Made Progress On: Started The Faceless Ones 2:03, Dead Waters 51 pages
Comments: How can you not love a sarcastic skeleton detective? But I need to find the rest of the series!  I seem to be spending more time listening than reading, but it's still a good time!

Thursday 5/16
Finished: nothing today
Made Progress On: The Faceless Ones 3:57, Dead Waters 98 pages, The Exile 3/4 finished
Comments: Feeling really good about my progress during this Bout of Books!

Friday 5/17
Finished: The Exile - Graphic Novel 224 pages
Made Progress On: The Faceless Ones 6:22, Dead Waters156 pages
Comments: In the home stretch!

Saturday 5/18
Finished: nothing today
Made Progress On: Dead Waters179 pages
Comments: Not much reading time today.

Sunday 5/19
Finished: The Faceless Ones 7:48:08
Made Progress On: Dead Waters 190 pages
Comments: Apparently I don't read much on the weekends!

 Running Totals
Time Listened: 18:22:30
Pages Read: 470 pages

Final comments:  So I didn't get too many real pages read, but over 18 hours of listening?!  I remember when I would take a month or so to listen to 1 audiobook!  I may catch up to my Audible account yet!  Thanks again to Amanda and Kelly for being such fantastic hostesses!  Can't wait for the next Bout-of-Books!


  1. Good luck on your goals. I think 4 books is perfect and you should be able to get through all of them!

    My bout of books goals

  2. Your right, it's ok to change the books/goals the main thing is to read, read, read! So if that book isn't doing it for you, or you get less time than you anticipated, it's ok ;) Main goal is to read and have fun!


    My BoB goals/updates

  3. Yeah, I was surprised by Sophie here, too :D I'm glad you're enjoying the audio books :) Happy reading & listening!

  4. Good luck with your goals, I have 4 on my goal list too, although I'm already changing whats on my list to make room for other books. Here are my Bout of Books Read-a-thon Goals and Updates if you'd like to stop by.

  5. I keep meaning to start the Soul Screamers books. Hannah @ Once Upon a Time has got me intrigued.

  6. LOL! I power read on the weekend and dabble in reading during the week. Looks like you made good progress and so did I. Here are my updates:

    Tallulah A. @ MAD Hoydenish


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