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Monday, August 24, 2009

2009/2010 Lynn Viehl's Darkyn Series Reading Challenge

I had to join this challenge because that's a yummy heading picture! No really, I do have almost all of these books already but haven't started them, and would really like to read this series, so what better way than through a challenge!

Once again J. Kaye is our fearless challenge leader, if you'd like to join us, you can sign up HERE. All the details are there!

Here is my list:

1. If Angels Burn (2005) - finished 3/11/10
2. Private Demon (2005) - finished 5/13/10
3. Dark Need (2006) - finished 8/6/10
4. Night Lost (2007) - finished 8/28/10
5. Evermore (2008) - finished 9/23/10
6. Twilight Fall (2008)
* Master of Shadows, a novella
7. Stay the Night (2009)

Can't wait to get started!


  1. I've read the first two in this series and I think I have two more lurking in the piles somewhere.
    Love that pic too.

  2. Anonymous12:49 AM

    So glad to have you join in this challenge! :)


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