Saturday, January 14, 2012

Built for Adventure

I was so excited to win a copy of Built for Adventure from Book Trib! I have been a Clive Cussler fan for a long time, I love Dirk Pitt, and his love of classic cars is part of who he is as a character, and a well known facet of the author.

Quite by accident I discovered the existence of the Cussler Car Museum while looking for different things to do on a vacation to Denver. While I'm not a classic car enthusiast, my husband was quite interested, and I was too from being a fan of the Dirk Pitt series. I highly recommend anyone visit this collection, they are absolutely beautiful, sparkling chrome, bright body colors, amazing to see even to someone who really knows nothing about what they're looking at, which is where I fit in! You're in the presence of history while touring these cars, and it's a treat! It's really not necessary to know anything about Cussler as an author, or the Dirk Pitt series, while that is a fun addition to those of us who are, to have little asides about which car Dirk was driving in which book, it is in no way necessary to enjoy the spectacle.

On to the book! This is a photographic coffee table style book and is gorgeous! The photos are many and beautiful, and I recognized quite a few of the cars we saw from the museum, but also some that were not on display at the time. Cussler gives personal history for how he obtained each one as well as factual information on each, but in a way that is not boring or overwhelming. There are some great anecdotes! I found it to be an enjoyable momento of that unexpected gem my husband and I discovered in Arvada, Colorado.

Thank you so much for sharing your collection with us Clive!

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