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Friday, July 07, 2017

Ether & Elephants by Cindy Spencer Pape

Ether & Elephants (Gaslight Chronicles, #8)Ether & Elephants by Cindy Spencer Pape
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sir Thomas Devere and Eleanor Hadrian have loved each other most of their lives—but sometimes love doesn't conquer all.

Their chance at happiness was ruined by Tom's hasty marriage to someone else. Heartbroken, Nell left home, finding a new life as a teacher at a school for the blind. But when one of her supernaturally gifted students, Charlie, is kidnapped, Tom reappears and her worlds collide.

Tom claims he hasn't seen his wife since the day of their marriage…yet he fears the missing student could be his son.

The deeper they dig, the more Tom and Nell discover: a deadly alchemist, more missing gifted children and long-suppressed feelings neither of them is ready for. A race on airship across England and India may lead them to answers—including a second chance at love—but only if all of British Society isn't destroyed first.

This was a good ending to a fun series! While we didn't get everyone's story in the series, this one wraps up with two of the original Wapping group getting the always hoped for HEA, which isn't really a spoiler, because that's how they all end, so you know it has to work out!

This time around we see Nell and Tom from the original group of kids adopted by Merrick Hadrian from, the streets. We get to see that they've always felt something for each other, but somewhere along the way things have gone haywire and what should have been a no brainer pairing, seems nearly impossible now. Nell is a teacher at a school away from home, and Tom is now a full fledged member of the Order. When one of her students goes missing, she sets out to find him, with the help of Tom and others, and of course there is much more to it than just one child's disappearance.

I've really enjoyed this series, with a loose basis to the Knights of the Round Table set in Industrial Victorian, Steampunk times (because mechanical pets sound like a lot of fun, at least the ones that Wink makes). All of the main characters have special abilities, or high intelligence in certain areas and personalities that speak to me. Feisty ladies, chivalrous men, and a huge family that works together. As an only child I always love stories involving many siblings that get along well and care deeply for each other.

A definite recommend on the Gaslight Chronicles from me for light, romanc-y and satisfying reads. I look forward to trying this author's other work!

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