Thursday, July 20, 2017

COYER Summer Reading List Read-a-thon #2 - Physical Books Only

It's time for the second Summer Reading List Read-a-thon of COYER! We will be reading physical books only from our reading list, from Sunday July 23rd - Sunday July30th!

Here are the physical books I'll be focusing on!


Sunday 7/23:The Library (start/end) 30/57 = 27 pages
Monday 7/24:The Library (start/end) 58/94 = 36 pages
Tuesday 7/25:The Library (start/end) 95/125 = 30 pages
Wednesday 7/26:The Library (start/end) 126/196 = 70 pages
Thursday 7/27:-
Friday 7/28:-
Saturday 7/29:-
Sunday 7/30:-


  1. I think I DNFed The Magicians after two or three chapters! I kept getting told it was the adult Harry Potter and I didn't think it lived up to that hype! I hope you have a much better time with it! Good luck!

    1. I've heard good and bad, so I'm trying to go in with no expectations, and totally not asking it to be an adult Harry Potter, I'm not sure that's even possible! ;) Thanks!

  2. Good luck!!! I didn't do a reading list, so I'm not participating in the read-a-thon but I'll be cheering y'all on!

    1. Thanks! The above is super ambitious, so if I can just finish The Library at Mount Char, I'll be happy! It's a crazy one so far!

  3. Daughter of the Forest is amazingly good, but it's also heartbreaking!

    1. I have heard wonderful things, it's on the favorites list of a close friend, so I'm sure it's great since I know her standards!


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