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A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons (How to Train Your Dragon, #6) by Cressida Cowell

A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons (How to Train Your Dragon, #6)A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons by Cressida Cowell
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Hiccup once again finds himself in trouble, this time on his birthday. Instead of celebrating, he's trying to break into the Meathead Public Library, which isn't open to the public, inhabited by the Hairy Scary Librarian, who really is scary, to steal a book for a burglary competition.

These stories are adorable and hilarious, but if you're finding them based on having watched the movies, be prepared that Toothless is NOTHING like he is on screen. With that huge difference in mind (because I was absolutely in love with movie Toothless and was initially disappointed to find out how different he was in the books) settle yourself in for a treat! These are so much fun, you can't help but smile while reading them. If you're listening, David Tennant does a phenomenal job of bringing Hiccup and the Vikings to life, and in that respect, it's every bit as fun as the movie was.

I know I will listen to these over and over whenever I need a pick me up, they're so darn cute!

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  1. Oh I bet that is a cute series! :)

  2. This series looks like so much fun! Great review!!! :)


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