Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to Fight Off that Afternoon Nap?

I've finished my second book for the read-a-thon Quicksilver by Stephanie Spinner. It was a fast and fun read about the god Hermes that took me about 2 hours to read and is 229 pages. That brings my total to 4 hours of reading and 357 pages.

I had to break out the Peanut Butter Bucket I mentioned earlier, and oh my was it good! I needed something to wake me up, this is the hardest time of day for me after the late night/early morning time. For some reason 3 o'clock on a sunny afternoon with a comfy couch and the ceiling fan breeze wafting over me are simply irresistible and I have to take a nap. So I did. But not too long. Well, okay, about 45 minutes, but that's just a power nap right? It was so I could read better this afternoon, really! *nods* Okay, so it might be time to make a foray out for coffee.

Starting on book 3! Continued Luck and Enjoyment to everyone!


  1. Even though it is cold and rainy here, I still dozed for about 20 minutes. Felt I'm getting hungry...and your talk of peanut butter doesn't help :)

    Happy Reading!

  2. I've been reading books about the Greek gods lately so I'm going to check out Quicksilver. I took an afternoon nap too but mine lasted three hours. :-(


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