Saturday, April 21, 2012

Getting Sleepy!

I'm about halfway through my current read, Doomed Queen Anne by Caroline Meyer. I need to get my last round of cheering in before I'm too sleepy to understand what I'm reading! I want to be able to give coherent encouragement! :D

I've broken out the Snickers ice cream, and am read to cheer again for awhile! Last read-a-thon I decided to go to bed when I got tired instead of trying to stick it out, and instead got up for the last couple hours of the read-a-thon. I was really glad that I did that, the excitement on Twitter as we cross that finish line is fantastic and I really enjoyed being there for that!

Hang in there everyone, you're doing great!


  1. Uh huh! Ice cream sounds mighty good. I'm sipping diet coke and trying to resist the Ghiardelli chocolates we bought in San Francisco. I just took a 1 hour break to play solitaire! I needed to do *anything* other than read. Thanks for dropping by with encouragement.

  2. No kidding! I read the same book, Doomed Queen Anne a few read-a-thons ago! I speed through the last half of it though, because I was tired, and honestly, I know well the ending...

  3. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Snickers icecream is great!
    Have fun at the finish line and with the remainder of your reading!

  4. Okay...I'm still hanging in there...hopefully we'll see you again soon!

  5. Anonymous2:11 AM

    Whoohoo! You're doing great! I think having a nap if you need it is a great idea, and then being there for the finish line. Hope you make it!


  6. The one thing I miss about the US, now that I'm back in India are the icecreams, like Snickers icecream and Chunky Monkey and ... *sigh*
    I DID start off this read-a-thon with some tender coconut icecream though! :D

    Dee, cheering from e-Volving Books[Team Puck]


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