Saturday, February 21, 2009

Geocaching: Travel Bug Check-in

Last night we set free a new travel bug, yay! Say hello to Tigger Bug!

Tigger Bug Travel Log

Tigger was always my favorite Winnie the Pooh character, so I thought a travel bug of him would be appropriate. Hopefully his propensity for "bouncing" will serve him well in the caching world! ;) He's been started off in our very own first cache, hope someone finds him and moves him along soon!

KU Jayhawk Bug Travel Log

Our KU Jayhawk Bug has been having a grand old time visiting caches, and even managed to hook up with a travel bug tour! If you have the time, you should definitely check out geocacher MaxB on the River who has moved over 16,000 travel bugs in his career, and has organized travel bug tours. I thought this was hysterical when I started reading it. This is definitely someone who has REALLY gotten into geocaching! I think Max is currently the leader on most travel bugs moved, hands down! It's other members like Max that add that extra level of enjoyment to caching for the rest of us, by being so enthusiastic and fun!

Kill a Bug Byte #1 Travel Log

Kill-a-Bug Byte #1 has had a bit more mediocre of a time and is currently in the hands of a another geocacher who picked it up last November in Minnesota. In the meantime, someone has logged it as discovered on the www. This means they didn't actually see it, but found the code for it in one of the pictures that I must not have gotten replaced from early on (mental note to go do that). You might remember me talking about how this is a no-no, as it's considered cheating if you didn't actually see it. This same bug suffered a similar and more dramatic fate at the beginning of it's career when someone logged it as being placed overseas in Iran when it had been no such place. I did delete those logs, as they were clearly false, once the bug showed up back close to home in a much more reasonable way. So my dilemma is, should I delete this log? This "discoverer" did not place it anywhere, logging truthfully where they saw it "www" for the world wide web, and it is still listed as residing in the hands of the person who retrieved it last. Are these types of discoveries wrong? I'll have to do a little research to see. It has been quite awhile with no real activity, the friends who got us into this educated us on the proper ways of handling trackables, and that it's polite to move them on quickly (a couple weeks to a month) whenever possible, or to post a note when you haven't. I just did this, as I too have a trackable picked up in November 08, but not moved on yet, our geocaching has slowed a lot with winter, and we haven't ventured too far from home lately. So, it's entirely possible that this cacher is similar to ourselves and kind of on hiatus for the winter. I guess we'll see!

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