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Thursday Thirteen #2 - Cartoons

Thirteen Cartoons Shaunie Used to Watch

As I tune in to the TV on Saturday mornings for a few minutes, and am completely lost on most of today's cartoons, I started thinking about what I used to watch religiously back in the day, after school and every Saturday. Here are some of my favorites! It's been fun to go back and look at some of these and see how cheesy they look now compared to how I remembered them! And then there's a few I do really want to get my hands on DVD's of at some point!

1. Blackstar - I don’t run into too many people who have heard of this one, my main attraction to it was Blackstar’s Dragon steed, Warlock, yes, I still have the action figure of him, oh, yeah and Blackstar too! ;) Here is a link to some other blackstar goodies if you’re interested ;)

2. The Adventures of Johnny Quest - I always like Haji, and Race, and Bandit!

3. Dungeons & Dragons - I never seemed to catch this one very much, but was always excited when I did. I wouldn't mind seeing it again. It was my first foray into the idea of Dungeons & Dragons!

4. Fat Albert - I was always a Bill Cosby fan, so it's no surprise I liked this one!

5. G. I. Joe - That I liked GI Joe, and so obsessively at the time was a bit of a surprise to me, because I was more of a Fantasy/Sci-Fi type, and have been all my life. Flint and Lady Jaye were my favorites, but I liked a lot of the others too, Shipwreck, Ace, Snake Eyes, Spirit, even some of the bad guys, too many to remember lol! I never did want the action figures though. My dad had some of the original larger toys that they had used for a photo shoot of some kind. He even had the astronaut in the space capsule, which I've heard is quite sought after, I'll have to see if he still has them!

6. He-Man and the Master's of the Universe and to a lesser extent She-Ra - Oh yes, had these toys too, they went well with Blackstar, and also Star Wars, and many all encompassing battles were staged on my grandmother's coffee table during the summers. I think I spent most of the time just trying to decide who would be on which side, and trying to evenly balance the forces of good and evil so that each side had some of both!

7. Thundercats - how could I not love this one, hello, they're cat people!!! Although I never did have the toys for this one, maybe I was out of the action figure phase by then I don't know. Snarf! Snarf! Hubby and I still have to jokingly do "Thundercats HO!" everytime we see it somewhere! *blush giggle*

8. Transformers - Again, not so sure why I latched on to this one not being super excited about Cars or Robots, but boy did I love this cartoon! One Christmas, the only thing I truly wanted was Optimus Prime and I was devastated because I didn't think my parents were going to get it for me. I think my mom was about ready to have an intervention performed! LMAO! I did get my Optimus Prime, and I still have him today! Now if only I'd kept his box too! Here's an online encyclopedia about the cartoon, which just proves that some people were/are more addicted than me! I loved the recent movie by the way, I thought they did an awesome job on the Autobots. I wish the Decepticons had had more of a part, more personality, and I wasn't crazy about how they did Soundwave, but oh well, you can't have it all!

9. Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman/G-Force - Yet another one that I was seriously addicted to, and I think scared my parents by how much I wanted to be in that cartoon world, they just didn't get it! LOL! I mean come on, they got to wear capes, and had bird helmets, and their ship turned into a fiery phoenix, what's not to understand?! No toys from this one either sadly.

10. Voltron - Hey look, it's Battle of the Planets, only with Lion Robots instead of a Fiery Phoenix! I never did get into the car version of Voltron, but the cat robot version, oh yeah, I was all over that, and he had a sword! WOO! Yay for swords! Especially big space made out of energy or something ones that disappear and reappear as needed! Nope, no toys, though I really wanted them (and still do if I ever find them affordably!)

11. Scoobydoo - Is there anyone that doesn't love Scoobydoo? Well, probably, but I loved him! I did not care for the movies they've made though, I think the casting is fine, but the script/plot/whatever did not work for me, because Shaggy and Scooby loved to eat and they were cowards, but they weren't into bathroom humor. And that whole thing about Scrappy at the end of the first movie, weird bad tangent there...

12. Bugs Bunny - You gotta love Bugs and the gang! Or at least feel sorry for Coyote in his never ending quest to get Roadrunner LOL! I think What's Opera, Doc is one of my favorite episodes. And Marvin the Martian loved the attitude and the Roman get-up! ;)

13. The Flintstones - I think the attraction for me on this one was that I loved dinosaurs, and that this one was set back in a "stone age" however unrealistic was fun! I was a kid, I wouldn't learn how it really was until later! LOL! And then they toss the Great Gazoo, an alien into the mix!

There are more I haven't mentioned, I couldn't believe how many when I found 80's, and how many I had forgotten about! There are many broken links on this site, but just the list of cartoons all by itself was amazing to me!

Happy Thursday Thirteen everyone!

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  1. Ummm.... Shauney... where are the cartoons? All I'm seeing is the linky...

  2. I'm workin' on it, give me a sec! I was just making sure that I got the linky thing figured out! I'm almost done, promise! ;)

  3. I laugh because these are the things my KIDS watched. Oh yea, there wasn't Saturday morning tv when I was a kid lol

  4. Hee! I'm back. Miss me?


    Thundercats HO, indeed!

    (hey, #2 is now addicted to Boomerang and all the old Hanna Barbera toons. How can I tell her to turn THAT off??????)

  5. Scooby Doo was my favorite!! Happy TT. Great list:)

  6. I have to say that when I came out of school, there were not yet TVs in homes, lol ! and I could hardly go into a café to watch a series. Anyway TV shows only started in the evening, there was nothing during the day. And now we have 24 h TV, lol !
    BTW if you are a cat lover as I am have a look on my cat blog My Cats and funny stories. Maybe you would like to join the Cats on Tuesday group where people once a week write about cats !

  7. Yes. I watched all of those too. We must be about the same age.

  8. Johnny Quest. The Flintstones. Memories!

  9. With me it was anything about space! (I've never changed)

    The Pink Flamingo

  10. Great list. I was addicted to Fat Albert, Transformers and The Flintstones.

  11. I used to love The Adventures of Jonny Quest)i felt it was a smart Cartoon:)

  12. 11-13 are in my memory bank! We catch a lot of classic cartoons on so my daughter can get a proper dose of culture!

  13. I used to love Fat Albert. Haven't seen it in ages.

  14. Very fun list!! We must be close to the same age ;) Hahaha


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