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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster

Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


When Nowhere Is Safe

Most people avoid the dreaded Whitechapel district. For Honoria Todd, it's the last safe haven. But at what price?

Blade is known as the master of the rookeries—no one dares cross him. It's been said he faced down the Echelon's army single-handedly, that ever since being infected by the blood-craving he's been quicker, stronger, and almost immortal.

When Honoria shows up at his door, his tenuous control comes close to snapping. She's so...innocent. He doesn't see her backbone of steel—or that she could be the very salvation he's been seeking.

My Review:

I was a little confused at first with the vampires but not vampires Blue Bloods, but quickly sorted that out. I liked Blade and his motley crew of humans and not humans, who of course are all more noble and loyal than the actual Nobles. His cockney accent that appears and disappears depending on his mental condition was a little irritating, but overall Blade is the type of damaged, doomed hero that I just love. Honoria is a great character too, taking the weight of the world on her shoulders until it finally falls apart and she has no other choice than to ask for help. Of course she should have asked so much earlier, but then we wouldn't have the emotional story that we have that showcases our characters honorable to a fault, but afraid to trust because they've been hurt in the past, tendencies. Not to say that they don't have their wicked sides, we get to see plenty of that too. ;)

I do think it's funny how Honoria is portrayed on the cover here, as she was actually quite modest and concerned about how she looked except when they were alone.  I'm quite certain she would have not been caught dead outside in fishnet stockings!  Not to mention the chiding she would have received from her sister, "You're not going to go out in that are you?!"

This was an enjoyable Victorian London, vampire romance with an interesting batch of side characters that I'm sure we'll see more of in the rest of the series. I'm looking forward to them!

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  1. I think I own this... I know I DID own it at one point, it's just did I give it away/donate it when I wasn't getting around to reading it? *sigh* I hope I still have it because now I want to read it again lol! This is definitely a #bookloverproblem ! too funny about the outfit on the cover :)

  2. I am glad you liked this because now I want to read it :)
    Awesome Review!

  3. This book sounds good and glad to hear you enjoyed it. Nice review!!

  4. I'm happy you enjoyed this, Shaunesay! This is a series I've always wanted to read. I'm going to have to pull it off my shelf! :)


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