Monday, September 14, 2015

Blog Ahead - October 2015

Blog Ahead 2015

I'm taking the plunge and joining the Blog Ahead October 2015 Challenge! This Challenge is hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup and Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Blog Ahead 2015
  • Purpose: Increase the number of scheduled blog posts you have ready to publish by 31 posts during the month of October. All post will be scheduled from November 1st or later.
  • Who Can Join: Any blogger or author can join. Brand new, been around for years.Blogger, WordPress or other platform. Any heat level, genre or theme, etc. If you blog…you’re welcome to join!
  • Types of Posts that Count: Any finished posts count! Meme, review, guest post, interview, discussion. Top Ten Posts, Favorites posts, Shopping Guide Posts, Cooking posts, pet posts, photo posts, etc. Posts do NOT have to be book related.
  • Required: The post must be complete and scheduled from November 1, 2015 onward. (So not just blurb, buy links, etc for a review post. The review needs to be complete for the post to count.)

If this sounds like something you'd like to join in on, head on over to the sign up post and check it out!

My Goals:

2016 TBR List Meme posts x 12
Find some other Memes to rejoin or join for the first time x ??
Book reviews x ??

My Progress:

10/9/15:  6 posts

I've prepped 3 of the 2016 My TBR List Meme's
I've joined a Wishlist Wednesday Meme that I've done 1 post for after October
2 book reviews done and scheduled so far

10/22/15:  4 posts = 10 total

2 more book reviews done and scheduled
1 more Wishlist Wednesday post for after October
1 Judging by the Cover - Cover Artist Spotlight scheduled for November

10/31/15: 2 posts = 12 total

1 book review
1 wishlist wednesday

Wrap up: 12 posts ahead, I've never had that much ready to go before!  I'm definitely in for the next one!  Thanks everyone!


  1. Me too. I'm aiming to end October with 10 scheduled posts. I figure even *that* will be a stretch for me.

  2. Hope things are going well Shaunesay! Good luck with the challenge this year :)


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