Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Taming the Scotsman by Kinley MacGregor

Taming the Scotsman is the 3rd book in Kinley MacGregor's MacAllister series (according to the reading order on her website), but I believe this can be read as a stand alone. While I have read 2 of the other brothers' books, I didn't really need to know their history to enjoy this one, the backstory was present when needed. This is my first read for the Historical Romance Challenge hosted by Romance Book Junkies, and it is set in Medieval Scotland.

Ewan is the brooding and surly brother in the MacAllister family. He blames himself for the death of his brother Kieran over a woman that betrayed them both. He lives away from the rest of the family in a cave, constantly punishing himself for what he believes he caused. It is to Ewan that Nora runs to try and get away from a betrothal that she knows will make her life miserable. She has no idea of the history that Ewan berates himself for, and shocks him by asking him to do the very thing that caused all of his previous trouble. She needs him to escort her to England, just as he had done with the treacherous Isobail, whom he and his brother Kieran had fought over. Nora likens Ewan to a bear, big and grumpy, and he fears that her incessant chatter will drive him insane, nevertheless he agrees to take her to his brother Lochlan to see what can be done. Along the way there are the usual adventures, kidnapping, fighting and escaping, during which the two grow very fond of each other. Though their attraction is strong, they are plagued by many misconceptions of class, family and prior commitments, and so there is much of the I love him/her, but cannot have him/her, and he/she will be better off without me anguish that we are so fond of in romances.

I'll give this a 4/5 because it's just the thing when you're looking for a fast paced historical romantic escape. For more information on the author and her work, see her website: Sherrilyn Kenyon yep, they are one and the same!

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