Thursday, November 06, 2008

Book: Poison Sleep by T. A. Pratt

Marla Mason is back in her own city of Felport in this second novel of the series. Our story opens with the attempted breakout of a patient of the Blackwing Institute for criminally insane. While the patient trying to escape fails, another of the patients disappears, this one just as dangerous in her own damaged way. Genevieve is a reweaver, someone who can make reality over into what she wants, but her psyche has been injured by events in her past, giving her nightmares power over her reality, and everyone else's that she touches. She was safe locked away in Blackwing, but now that she's no longer confined there, her dreamworld is entering into the real world, and as the chief sorcerer of Felport, it's up to Marla and crew to get Genevieve back under control. As if things weren't busy enough with that, someone's trying to kill Marla, no big surprise in itself, but a little annoying when you have so much else on your plate, and you're not sure who you can trust!

A great second effort in the Marla Mason series! My husband read this before me and he liked it better than the first one, Blood Engines, feeling that the writing had improved. I think I still like the first one better as it seemed more colorful to me, though I agree that I think Poison Sleep was a tighter story. We see a lot more of Marla in Poison Sleep and a lot less of Rondeau it seemed. I'm definitely a Rondeau fan, so I was sad that he didn't feature as prominently, but there were other interesting characters to get to know, as we meet the other resident sorcerers of Felport that we'd only heard about briefly before.

The next in the series, and currently out right now, is Dead Reign, with a fourth, Spell Games on the way in April of next year. I'm looking forward to following Marla's continuing adventures!

T. A. Pratt's website, check it out for more info and links!

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