Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Seriously Series - 3rd Quarter Check-in

    It's time for the 3rd quarter Seriously Series Check-in!  Let's see how I'm doing. 

    Declared Levels:
    Series Started Before 2014: Seriously Spectacular Series Star - 2nd level achieved "Seriously Serious"
    Series Started in 2014: Semi-Serious  - not even sorta serious at this point.
    Series Re-Reads in 2014: Semi-Serious - 100% Done!

    Books since last check in - 8 - I really thought I'd done more than that!
    Series since last check in - 4

    So how am I doing total series and total book wise?

    Total Series 12/22 = 55% 
    Total Books 26/44 = 59%

    It's pretty clear I'm behind, and I thought about paring my list down, but I kind of felt like that was cheating, so I'll just keep going and see how far I get. Anything is more read than I had before I started, so I win no matter what!

    Into the Home Stretch!

    Here are my 8 from this check-in:

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