Sunday, September 09, 2012

Reading Challenge Check-In

With not quite 4 months left in the year, let's see how I'm doing on all of my reading challenges... I'm thinking not so good, even with my need to join as many read-a-thon's as I can!

0-24% complete
25-49% complete
50-74% complete
75-99% complete
100% Complete and then some!

Unbreaking the Shelves - 0/22 - I'm focusing on Bookcrossing books received from others for this challenge.  I have not read anything yet for this one, but I'm donating 11 books to the library, and pulled others to wild release.  I did receive in 2 more BC Books this week, so I added 2 more to the TBR by EOY list.

Mount TBR Reading Challenge - 38/75 - A little over half, but with less than half the year to go, it's not looking good for this one, is it?

EBook Challenge - 12/25 - Yep, way behind on this one too!

Speculative Fiction Challenge - 8/24 - Are we sensing a theme of fail here? But wait! I just realized that audiobooks were allowed for this one, so that makes my total 19/24 if I add those in, woot! (Is that stretching it?)

Speculative Romance Challenge -  13/18 I actually reached  the first level goal of 12 for this one and went on to the next level!  I guess we can see where my true reading love lies, can't we?

Mystery and Suspense Challenge - 8/12 I'm not too far off on this one, I think I can do it!

BookObsessed "How Many in 2012" Challenge - 70/115 - I could still do this, but I need to get moving, at last calculation, I'm 12 books behind!  

How is everyone else doing on their challenges?

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