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Saturday, April 09, 2011


Read-a-thon correspondent Shaunesay reporting from the field at my favorite Thai buffet! Hubby was kind enough to drive so I could read on the way. I'm a little less than halfway through "Wake" and liking it a lot! What did everyone else have for lunch? See you in awhile!
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  1. I made Baked Penne last night. It should last me the whole day. I'm planning on eating while I listen to a book on CD. It won't be as many pages as if I had read but at least the time will continue. Stay strong!

  2. Thai buffet! I am so jealous!! I am still stuck at work, since 4am, very hungry and tired. Hope i can get off soon, eat and start reading!

  3. I'm having vanilla ice cream with caramel, English Breakfast tea, raisins & cashews, and we'll see what else.... :)Getting ready to start my second book. Hope the Thai was yummy -- what's your favorite?


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