Friday, November 25, 2011

Vampire Crush by A. M. Robinson

I received my copy of Vampire Crush through Goodreads First Reads giveaways.

Sophie McGee is ready to start the new school year, she is determined to be the Editor-in-Chief of the school paper and thinks she has a great shot at it with her investigative skills. Her teacher tasks Sophie and her Editor in Chief rival with interviewing the new kids at school, and a strange bunch they are. The new students are as odd as their names, and before long Sophie has realized that there is something off about them. Vlad especially seems to get whatever he wants from whomever he wants. The foursome don't keep up their charade of being new high school students very well, and Sophie puts her investigative skills to work to find out why they're really there.

Another mystery is that the house next door that has been empty for awhile, is now reoccupied. Sophie's friend James who used to live there has returned, but alone after his parents died, and he doesn't want anyone to know he's back. Predictably that doesn't last for long.

When Vlad starts dating Sophie's sister Caroline, it becomes even more important to find out what she can. Something is just not right about him, and she doesn't want Caroline to get hurt. In the meantime Sophie has inadvertently made friends with another of the new students, Violet, who speaks, acts and dresses old-fashioned. She's become fascinated by teen magazine surveys and advice on boys, as she has someone she's in love with, but can't keep.

So many things to find out, what happened to James while he was gone, how is he connected with the new kids at school, and why are they really there?

This was a cute read, but not anything that will stick out for me so I gave it a 3/5. I liked Sophie, James and Violet the most, Vlad the least, he was super annoying in my opinion. I prefer likable bad guys I guess. It's possible that it was just targeted towards a younger age group than I really enjoy and that I was expecting too much from it compared to all of the other teen vampire fiction I've read that is more complex and intense. Sophie is written with a fun sarcastic but light style, and I did enjoy it. I think as a debut this was good. The back of my copy suggests an age group of 12 and up, and recommends it to fans of Vampire Kisses and the Vladimir Tod series, with which I would have to agree.

For more information on A. M. Robinson, visit her Website.

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