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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Negative Much?

Saw this rather mean-spirited article about NANOWRIMO: Laura Miller's take, and then Orbit's fantastic reply.

So tell me, who is Laura Miller again and why should I respect her opinion? Oh yeah, no one I'd ever heard of before who is writing articles on her own co-founded website, oh and she doesn't write novels, but she reads rather a lot of them. Yeah, whatever. You missed the point lady. I've written off and on since junior high, for one reason, because I enjoy it. If I ever get something published, that would be an amazing thing, but it's not the sole purpose of writing. What is a waste of time to one person may be a cathartic and healthy experience for another.

I'm a first timer, it's only day 4, so far I'm on track, and tonight, in an idea I've had floating around in my head for probably close on 5 years now, something I wrote completely opened a new avenue in the story I hadn't considered before, and believe me I've been over this story in my head a million times. Now that is magic, and I for one don't consider it a waste of time.

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  1. It takes all kinds to rock the world, my friend. Move to your own beat and embrace it (as you're doing). You know you've got the support of THIS author to lean on if you need it. (I'm a past NaNo winner, you know, so I've been there and done it.)


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