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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Read a thon #2 - first check in

Dewey's Read-a-thon Blog

Comments: Hour 1 Meme - Mini-challenge

Where are you reading from today? -- Anywhere and everywhere! Mostly my home in KS, but I will be running a couple errands soon, and depending on what else happens today, I'm sure I'll be reading on the road to and from places!

3 facts about me --

1. I have three cats, Fergus, Tira, and Misu (the last two are sisters, and siamese/calico mixes who are just the right color for one of my favorite desserts, tiramisu! I know silly, huh?)

2. I used to work in a bookstore for about 4 years during highschool and my first year of college.

3. I'm a Bookcrosser, and a Geocacher, so obviously I like tracking things!

How many books do you have in your TBR pile for the next 24 hours? -- 11 actually, but that's mostly just to give myself a wide variety to choose from. If I get through just a few I'll be pleased!

Do you have any goals for the read-a-thon (i.e. number of books, number of pages, number of hours, or number of comments on blogs)? -- I decided not to set any certain goals, since this is my first time in the read-a-thon, I just want to have a great day of reading!

If you’re a veteran read-a-thoner, Any advice for people doing this for the first time? -- nope, as I said, a first-timer, so I'm on the lookout for advice myself!

Reading Locations:

So far my comfy chair in the front room, back in bed (sprawled backwards of course, don't want to fall asleep!) and in front of the computer to check in on the 'thon!

Currently Reading:

Nancy Yi Fan
Page 63 of 212

Total Pages read so far:


Total Time spent reading so far:

about and hour around interruptions

Other Readers I have visited and Cheered on:

Noumena12 - Book Blog
Elsi - Reading in Texas

Finished Books:

none yet, hopefully by the next update!


  1. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Traditional read-a-thon blessing:

    May the bookshelf be there to greet you.
    May all the books appeal.
    May the fridge be full of tasty snacks;
    the words fall soft upon your eyes and until the read-a-thon ends,
    may you always hold a book in the palm of your hand.

    Good luck today!

  2. Hey, looks like you got some of the cool BookObsessed folk to join the read-a-thon! Cool! I've been a lurker and sometimes cheerleader since Dewey's first one. I feel old.

  3. I'm a BookCrosser, too (debnance) and I love to trade books.

    I just became a follower here. I'd love to have you stop in at my blog, too!


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